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United Way Campaign


We are proud of our campaigns and the work we do because the funded health and human services programs that benefit from our campaign are pre-screened for need, integrity, and effectiveness of services by approximately 60 local volunteers, like you, who make up the Community Investment Committee.  These programs respond to identified education, income stability, and health and safety needs, not capital improvements.


The local dollars raised are used to meet local needs.  United Way of Southwest Oklahoma management and fundraising costs have remained under 11% as we have expanded our services and those we support.  For every dollar raised, the United Way of Southwest Oklahoma spends one penny annually to pay for services like national research, professional training, staff support, and national public service announcements.  99 cents of every dollar stays in the Lawton-Fort Sill community.


The United Way is governed by community volunteers who serve in many capacities.  The members of the Board of Directors establish and monitor policy.


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