Our Impact Areas


Education –Programs in this category promote learning in an effort to support children and adults, both in and out of the classroom.  Programs designed to help children/adults learn and grow are designated in this category. 

Income Stability –Programs in this category promote the development of financial literacy and employment skills necessary for adults to achieve stability, safe housing, and overall security for themselves and/or their families.  Programs designed to rehouse families, provide financial assistance for payment of bills/deposits/rent, provide legal assistance, provide job training/employment assistance, provide financial education, and non-traditional homeless shelters are designated in this category. 

Health –Programs in this category promote healthy lives by providing access to affordable health care, mental health care, and healthy living.  Programs designed to provide physical activity, protection/advocacy efforts, counseling, rehabilitation, and healthcare are designated in this category.

Basic Needs-Programs in this category promote services that allow those in our community access to basic needs.  Programs designed to provide food and emergency shelter should be designated in this category.