At United Way of Southwest Oklahoma, we value and appreciate all the leadership donors who make our work possible. Your leadership contribution can be combined with a household member, given as a one-time gift, or through payroll deduction. If you want to become a leadership donor, you can contact the office or donate online or mail a check. Every dollar counts and makes a difference. Thank you for your generosity and support in changing Southwest Oklahoma.

Individual Leadership Levels

Alexis de Tocqueville  $10,000 and above


Dustin Hilliary


Mary Dzindolet, Ph.D. and George Porter




Diamond  $5,000-$9,999


Craig and Janie Billingsley

Fred and Natalie Fitch

Bob and Jean Harbison

Dr. Rose Lepien

Tresea and George Moses






Emerald   $2,500-$4,999


Matthew Carrubba

Kayla Chavez

Katie Copass

Charles and Mary Jean Doerler

Jim and Melanie Eason

Mark and Jennifer Ellis

Edward Hilliary, Jr.

David and Lisa Madigan

Jacob Powell

Emmanuel Schinagl



Ruby   $1,500 - $2,499


Christina Andrajack

Dennis Baker

Rachel Bell

Paula Bickley

Jessica Brown

Reginald Duval

Kelly Edwards

Jera Sullivan and Zach Ellis

Robert Gregg

Melissa Martinez and Raymond Herrera

Robert Holman

Brian Holmes

Thomas Hooker

Michele Hyde

Daniel Joyce, M.D.

Jimmy McCormick

Jason Meyer

Larry and Linda Neal

Adrian Rodriguez

Marc Roegner

Ruby Stanley

Tom D. Thomas

Kory Toves

Jared and Cynthia Williams





Platinum  $1,000-$1,499


1 Anonymous

Phil Anderson

Mark and Sandra Brace

George Bridges, D.D.S and Linda Bridges

Jason Brown

Buck Buckler

Sylvia M. Burgess

Jessica Cameron-Lietz

Dr. & Mrs. John Carter

Dr. George Cooper, M.D.

John and Tracie Davis

Jennifer Disney

Britney Eppes

Jocelyn Evans

Taylor and Angela Farmer

David Faust

Loree Gaines

William Gittens

Allison Grant

Thomas Haney

Scott and Laura Hatch

Michael Hill

Willie Hill

Casey and Timothy Honeycutt

Anita Irvin

Dr. Kelly E. Jones, M.D.

Robert Keck

Mark and Diane Keene

Howard and Anna Claire Kuchta

Andrew Kuntz

Lanora Lewis

Dustin and Kristie Lytle

Gloria and Ricardo Martinez

John and Sherry McKay

Brian and Maggie McLaird

Scott Michener, M.D. and Paige Michener

John Noel

Johnathan O`Connor

Joshua Pope

Samuel Price

Gary Rhodan

Payton Roberts

Darrell and Angela Ryals

Mark & Megan Scott

Mike and Melody Scott

Brandon Setzer

Doug Stephens

Robert F. Sweeney, M.D. and Kerry Sweeney

Terry and Tamara Tate

Aaron Thomas

Dr. Aaron L. Trachte, M.D.

Allen Tyler, Jr.

Dr. Todd Tyo, D.C.

Devin Valdez

David and Kari Vinall

Chase Welborn

Rhonda Whatley




Gold Circle  $500-$999


3 Anonymous

Kathy Coats-Ables and Ronnie Ables

Anthony Adams

John Adams

Sabrina Adams

Craig and Kelly Akard

Jamira Alexander

David Alicea

Rebecca Allen

Sir Alexander Allen

Stefan Allen

Morgan Allison

Lance and Jenna Alston

Michelle Amerson

Michelle Anders

Kristi Anderson

Velvet Andrews

Eugene Augustine

Madison Aust

Jonathan Ayer

Lewis Bailey

Benton Baker

Jackson Ball

Eddie Ballard

Barbara Bannon

Bill Barrett

Dustin Ryba and Jessica Beard-Ryba

Taylor Beavers

Donna Bebo

Rodney Bell

Zach and Jordan Bethel

Petra Biggers

Brett Black

Cory Blacker

Kathi Blankenship

Donald Blevins

Vickie Thomas and Keith Block

Brittany Bohannon

James Bohannon

Chaz Borden

Aaron Borrogo

Raymond Bourgeois

John Bowers

William Bowers

Joel Bowles

John Bowles

Priscilla Bredy

Toni Brite

Shelby Brittain

Ashley Brown

Joshua Brown

LaFiesta Brown

Tina Burch-Lee

Dewayne  and Tiffani Burk

Daniel Burns

Timothy Byrd

Augusta Capps

Donald Cathey

Lillian and Bill Chew

Gregory Ciesa

Cheyenne Clark

Christy and Mark Clark

Darren Clark

Ricky Clark

Michael Coffin

Clifton Cogdell

Glenn Colby

Ronald Coleman

Cheresta Cook

Tina Cox

Larry Craig

Trevel Crawford

Kenneth Crowder

Dana Cryer

Mark Davis

Phillip Davis

Aishisia Dean

Matthew Decker

Katherine DeWolf

Judy Dial

Bob and Ruth Dishman

Trent and Debbie Dockstetter

Thomas T. Donahue, Jr.

Matthew Dorsey

Jeffrey Downs

Rafeal Dugas

Mike Duncan

Lauren Ellis

Paul Ellwanger

Andrew Feicho

Wade and Shelly Fields

David Fishbeck

Shirlina Flanders

Clarence and Sheree' Fortney

Sheila Fountain

Denver Frazier

Les Gee

Casey Gervais

Brent Gilley

Linda Gillispie

Cecilia Gipson

Morgan Gould

Taylor Green

Harold Gusman

Billy Hall

John Hamilton

Robert and Nadine Hanefield

Brittany Haneiwich

Kevin Hardwick

Ryan Harroun

David Hauger

Kenneth Hawkinberry

Dale Hazley

James Head

NIcholes Heard

Chris Heinz

Andrew Henderson

Kuto Henos

Brian and Lynn Henry

Robert R. Henry

Jason Hensley

Dr. & Mrs. Ross Hensley

Enrique Hernandez

Migel Hernandez, Jr.

Debra Hill

Barney Hobbs

Becky Holland

Blaine and Pam Hollander

Courtney Holybee

Cody Hood

Houston Hood

Stacie Hood

Charles Horton, Jr.

Kimberly Hotella

James Huddleston

Heidi Hudson

Nicole Hudson

Benjamin Huff

Tim and Traci Hushbeck

Eric Ingram

Shawn Ivester

Bobby and Patricia Jackson

Willie Jackson

Dee Jarvis

Eric Jarvis

Cary Johnson

Clayton Johnson

Howard and Jo Jean Johnson

Randy and Cindy Johnson

Chrishea Jones

Robert Kaapuwai

Tracy Kahler

Bradley Kay

Jamie Kendall

James and Maggie Kennard

Paul Kennedy

Phil and Anita Kennedy

Mark Kimbro

Bradley King

Larry Kissick

Scott Richard Klein

Joann Knecht

Tim Landers

Jeff and Jeanette Lane

Randi Laumbach

Brian Lawson

Dinah Lazarte

Megan Lee

Jay Lehr

Brian Leonhart

Thomas W. Linville

Tammy Little

Linda Little-Totte

Clint and Lisa Lokey

Trent Lonelodge

Gary Longacre

Rita Love

Frank Lucas

Earl and Amanda Mack

Kerry Magouirk

Jason Mansel

Jerry Markham

Donald Martin

Stephanie Mason

Terry and Nancy Mason

Kerrie Mathews

Mike and Sandy Mayhall

Sean McAvoy

Shannon McCaig

Jeremy McCann

Timothy McCarthy

Kade and Kate McClure

Shawn McComas

Jeffery Meeke

Ivin Mendiola

Nyesha Miller

Scott Miller

Logan Milne

Michelle Miracle

Craig Moore

Alicia Morris

Dr. John G. Morris

Robert Munoz

Terry Murtha

Ron Nance

Herman Nesbitt

Barbara Newton

Kara Noel

Crystal Nolan

Charles Norman

Carmonleita O`Donley

Shena Parks

John Patterson Jr.

Tony Pearson

Christopher Peters

Barbara Pickthorn

Raul Pinto Castro

Eric Porch

Pamela Preston

Brandon Prince

Susan Quensel

Jean Rabb

Evandro Ramos

Michelle Ramsey

Michael and Christy Ray

Robert Rayburn

Benjamin Rebeyiluy

Gayle Repp

Paul and Lisa Restivo

Ricky Rhodes

Karl Riley

Manal Robin, M.D.

Jesus Rodriguez

Kim Rogalski

Angelica Roman

Brent & Kristi Russell

Michael Rutledge

James Sass

William Sawyer, Jr.

Ashley Schenker

Eric Sessoms

Dwight and Deanice Shegog

Timothy Shelton

Scott Sheppard, D.D.S.

Harold Shipp

Jesse Shipp

Jeffery Shott

Cecil Sims

Clendon and Jessica Slaughter

Brent and Jaymi Smith

Dustin Smith

Gregory Smith

Jeffrey and Alice Smith

Jason and Jamie Smith

Justin Smith

Michael Smith

Terry Smith

Michael Solorio

Sylvia Speirs

Bryan Spence

Shawn Sperr

Angela Spradlin

Vicki Spurgeon

Charlie and Jenea Staats

Michael Stevenson

David and Saundra Stringer

Jeremy Sumner

Lisa Tate

Montana Tate

Emmit and Dolina Tayloe

Dustin Thomas

Gary Thomas

Melody Thomas

Ray Thomas

Kevin Thompson

Cara Thorn

Eric Tinsley

Sallie Tonips

Jared Trupp

Rodney Tucker

Jami Van Worth

Roy Vanderpool

Lauro Vazquez Cruz

Vencent Vigus

Catanna Vu

Michael Walker, Jr.

Kellan Waskiewicz

Cynthia Watkins

Wavel Wells, D.D.S. and Laura Wells

Willie R. Whisenhunt

Chris Whitley

Henry Wilkinson

Christopher Williams

Robert Williams

Daniela Young

John Young

Nelson Young

James Zacharias