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Our Pacesetter Companies are essential when it comes to ensuring that our annual fundraising campaign gets off to a great start!  We hope you will join us, rise to the occasion, and accept the challenge to set the pace for positive change in our community!

To accept the Pacesetter challenge, please complete the form below!  

If you need assistance please contact Judy Dial




Employee Campaign Coordinator(s) are responsible for executing the United Way Campaign at your organization. If your organization is large, you may choose to have more than one Employee Campaign Coordinator. Please provide us with the name(s) of all Employee Campaign Coordinators.
Please provide the phone number(s) of the Employee Campaign Coordinator(s) below including extension(s).
Please provide the cell phone number(s) for the Employee Campaign Coordinator(s) below including area code(s).
Please provide the email address(s) of your Employee Campaign Coordinator(s) below. This will be the main source of contact between United Way of Southwest Oklahoma and the Employee Campaign Coordinator.
Please indicate the amount of money your organization hopes to raise during this year's United Way Fundraising Campaign.
The Pacesetter Luncheon, hosted by Comanche County Memorial Hospital, will be held on Friday, July 19th, 2019, at 12:00 pm in the Oakwood Room, (CCMH-Outpatient Center; 110 NW 31st Street, Lawton, OK 73505).
I acknowledge that my organization will run a pacesetter campaign from July 19 to September 27, 2019.
If your organization has its own pledge forms and will NOT need to use United Way of Southwest Oklahoma's pledge forms please let us know by selecting YES below.