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Campaign Champions

The Campaign Champion Program 

The Role Overview:

Campaign Champions are an integral part of United Way of Southwest Oklahoma annual campaign. A Campaign Champion is a special volunteer from the management or administrative level from a local business, government, service or educational organization. The Campaign Champion functions jointly as a volunteer and as a well-informed executive consultant.  The Campaign Champions are typically an extension of the United Way staff during the yearly community campaign months. They give their expertise and energy to help reach new accounts, broaden the base of community giving, thus supporting United Way’s commitment to improve lives and strengthen our community.

Campaign Champions help create, build, and sustaining relationships with companies and organizations that participate in the campaign. The Campaign Champion assignment generally begins in August and ends in November. In return, United Way provides a unique training program which develops communications, sales and leadership skills. The program is a worthwhile investment for the company, the Campaign Champion, and the community as a whole.


Benefits to the Participants of the Campaign Champion Program:
• Return to your company with enhanced communications and public speaking skills.
• An opportunity to meet and work with people of various social, economic and cultural backgrounds.
• Expand and develop your business skills in the areas of executive leadership, sales, organizational planning, project management, creative thinking and successful handling of difficult situations.
• A unique chance to gain deep insights into the community needs and resources.
• Exposure to a cross-section of community businesses.

Benefits to the Company:
• Comprehensive and development focused on a training program for the employee that could reduce a company’s internal training expenses.
• Increased company visibility as your Campaign Champion builds relationships with numerous companies and community leaders.
• Boosts company visibility and strengthens external relations with other local organizations through Campaign Champion's contacts and established business relationships.
• Positive brand image as a community partner through United Way marketing efforts.
• Company recognition through United Way advertising and communications.
• Benefitting from the skills of the Campaign Champion’s new knowledge including setting and achieving goals, public speaking, confidence in making sales presentations, training and motivational skills and increased exposure to many corporate executives.


The Community Gains:
• Improved fundraising results with lower campaign costs by creating the partnership of local companies and United Way.
• Developing knowledgeable spokesmen who can relate to the United Way.
• Educated leaders able to respond and advocate for community needs.
• More individuals learn about the needs of the community and serve as an ambassador for the future.
• More lives are improved, which results in a stronger community.
• Stronger community = a more economically stable community.


 How Can My Company Participate?
• Consider and recommend a relevant employee for the Campaign Champion Program.
• Be flexible and allow your employees for 4-8 hours monthly commitment.
• If you are unable to nominate an employee at this time, offer sponsorship dollars to fund the Campaign Champion Program.


If you would like to learn more about participating in the Campaign Champion, please contact Sarah Head at or call 580.355.0218.