How the United Way Impacts Our Community

Thanks to you and your fellow employees, the United Way of Southwest Oklahomal was able to provide valuable needs and resources to our community in 2013.


TOGETHER, we helped over 114,000 community members in 2013. 

25,066 individuals received emergency food assistance through a local food bank.
Over 500 individuals were provided substance abuse treatment for alcohol and drugs.
5,324 bed nights were provided to shelter clients.
More than 2,000 people received professional counseling, including over 200 people who were “At Risk” for suicide.
119 family housing related court cases and 64 family law related cases were closed in Comanche County.
135 sixth grade girl scouts attended a bullying prevention workshop to build a strong sense of self.
3,100 bus tickets were provided to clients in the Transportation Program.
1,259 women escaping the trauma of domestic violence and abuse were provided shelter.
191 girls in the state’s custody, victims of home neglect and abuse, were offered long-term care and treatment.
391 juveniles were helped through education and court cases.
324 people affected by disaster were provided immediate help. 
2,000 books were distributed to local families with young children through Smart Start/SuccessBy6 initiative.


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